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We are one of the growing Education & Immigration Consultancy providing best quality student service and processing student visa all over the world. We do have skilled experienced team who are always willing to assist you to fulfill your dream.

To make sureĀ  our students are truly successful on their new journey to study abroad!

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Our Consultants are highly skilled and experienced in this field

Most of our consultants completed their higher education from abroad. As a result they are well known to the environment. They are certified by British Council as a consultant. SQG international focuses on student satisfaction and best quality service. They do assess every student educational documents and guide them to their best suit educational institutions

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Why Choose Us? We will guide you to reach your goal.

Are you looking for pursuing your higher education from a foreign country?

Take your initiative now to fulfil your dream and become a world leader. We will guide you throughout the journey and we want to see you to your desired position.

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Our consultants are trained and certified. They are fast making decision as per the requirements.


They are not only the student consultant but also they are your mentor to get ready to prepare for your visa interview and personal grooming.

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We are always available for your assistance. If you have any queries just flick us a message, you will get the reply as soon as possible.


Our Consultants Can Help You Achieve Your Objectives & Goals

We will guide you as per your preferences and requirements. Take your first step to study abroad which is the faster and smoother way to go abroad and after successfully completing your education become a permanent resident. If you are looking for starting your business overseas you can talk to our specialist consultants and prepare yourself.

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We have started our journey focusing on success. It was not easy for us to gain your trust when we were new in this industry. We are growing faster gradually and reaching to our goal to become a part of your dream.

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